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Belmont Peanuts of Southampton

VC Grown Logobuy direct  retail store


23195 Popes Station Rd
Capron, VA 23829 

toll free: 800-648-4613
fax: 434-658-3241
Home Page: http://www.belmontpeanuts.com

brand name: Belmont Peanuts
products: roasted & salted inshell; roasted snack peanuts, honey coated/roasted, butter toasted, seasoned peanuts: sea salt, sea salt and black pepper, jalapeno, chipotle, BBQ, parmesan rosemary, chili lime, zesty cheddar chili, sweet chili, salty caramel, cinnamon sugar, honey maple; peanut brittle, chocolate covered; we do custom processing and roasting; private label;

contact: Robert Marks, Vice President