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The Good Earth Peanut Co.

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5334 Skippers Rd.
PO Box 325
Skippers, VA 23879

telephone: 434-634-2204
toll free: 800-634-1695
fax: 434-634-0462
home Page: http://www.goodearthpeanuts.com

brand name: The Good Earth Peanut Co.
products: raw, roasted & salted inshell; raw redskins, raw blanched, roasted snack peanuts, dry roasted, honey coated/roasted, butter toasted, health/trail mixes, seasoned, cajun, pepper, green peanuts (Sept. - Oct.); frozen boiled peanuts; peanut brittle, chocolate covered, peanut bars/squares; old fashioned peanut butter (no salt added)

contact: Lindsey S. Vincent, President