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Inshell Peanut Merchandising Hints


Push Inshell Peanuts for Produce Department Profits

Creative Displays of peanuts and peanut products capture customer attention and stimulate increased sales

Special Prices-such as buy two, get one free generate volume purchases

Sampling-spurs sales because "you can't eat just one"

Contests-such as a "guess how many peanuts in a jar" slows the customer for a stop at the peanut display and in turn increases product movement

Large instore signage is a successful way to direct even the most hurried customer to the peanut display

Cross Merchandising peanuts with beverages is a winning plan (as peanuts are usually consumed with a beverage)

Involve Staff- their enthusiasm and ideas are the best sales tools.

Historically inshell peanuts have been a profitable item for produce departments, delivering as much as a 40% profit margin. This profit potential teamed with high consumer acceptance (nearly everyone likes peanuts) and ease of handling (no special care requirements or product loss through shrinkage, plus a shelf life of several months) has made inshell peanuts an inviting item for produce managers to promote.

"Well planned and efficiently executed promotions are key ingredients for building store traffic, enhancing peanut sales and boosting produce department profits, as with many other produce items, peanuts are most often purchased on impulse, so catching the customer's attention is an essential step toward increasing sales.

Price cuts, retail ads and special displays are some of the keys to successful inshell peanut sales. Each technique used alone is effective in increasing sales, but by combining promotion tools, the effectiveness of each is greatly enhanced.

Produce managers should capitalize on peanuts' sensitivity to promotion. "For example, North Carolina State University economic research shows that if the average item in the supermarket has a sales increase of 35%, from a 15% price reduction peanut sales may increase by as much as 48%. To maximize increases, creatively employ as many promotion tools for peanuts as staff and budget allow.

Just selling more pounds of inshell peanuts and generating more revenue for the produce department may not be the only benefit of peanut promotions, after all, successful promotions should ultimately increase both produce department and store profits. Promotion profitability can be enhanced by promoting products that attract customers who will fill their shopping carts or that will encourage purchases of other items, either complementary ones or items located near the promoted products. Inshell peanuts appear to be an excellent candidate for such a successful promotion mix.


Ideas gleaned from past inshell peanut display contest participants

  • price specials

start the month with a price cut and for added impact increase the discount each week of the month. A "buy two get one free" sale generates volume purchases.

  • food page ads

inshell peanuts featured in ads frequently nets placement on the shopping list.

increased ad value results when customers are alerted to a "peanut sale" at the first of the month and ad coverage builds as the month and the inshell peanut promotion continues.

  • parking lot signage

capitalize and build on the impact of your food page ads with a fresh reminder to purchase inshell peanuts.

  • window messages

feature your inshell peanut special on the window in larger than life size to be seen from instore and out.


Generate fun and enthusiasm for the promotions among staff AND customers:

  • contests - a "guess how many peanuts" jar at the peanut display stops the shopper and generates sales [put guesses in a box, indicate contest deadline date and offer a prize; post winner's name(s) after contest].
  • use staff developed intercom alerts to announce inshell peanut sales specials and to remind shoppers to buy.
  • buttons or signs on check out staff promote your peanut promotion theme, (especially valuable for a month long promotion). Be sure to have a "last chance" inshell peanut display at checkout.
  • *sampling ("bet you can't eat just one")

- a self service basket of inshell peanuts and a trash container is the simplest way to sample.

- ideas used successfully by previous display contest contestants include: inshell peanut samples being offered by a girl scout, a high school cheerleader, a football player in uniform, a friendly produce staff person, an ape costumed person (with a banner saying "I'm ape for peanuts"), a pink "ape" (which was loved by children), and various other fun costumed samplers.

*[A Cornell University study ranked instore sampling third (of 22 advertising and promotion tools) in its ability to increase product movement.]


display visibility is key to generating impulse sales of inshell peanuts

multi-displays of inshell peanuts scattered throughout the store offer opportunity for cross merchandising and constant reminders to buy.

themed inshell peanut displays offer a break from the usual and grab the shoppers' attention.

a truck load sale - a real pick up truck loaded with inshell peanuts parked in the produce department captures the customers' eye and allows for cross merchandising with beverages underneath (be sure peanuts are always easily and conveniently accessible).

a wagon load sale - a real antique wagon or one made from a display bin with cardboard wheels is an attractive way to convey the inshell peanut promotion message.

whether it's high school, college, or the pros, football themed inshell peanut displays work well in conjunction with the Superbowl season - decorate your peanut display with jerseys, pom poms, and streamers in team colors; use football terminology in your signage (ex. "catch the peanut flavor," "peanuts, a winning snack," "pass the peanuts," etc.).

a lawn mower "pulling" several bins of peanuts with a "mowing down the price" sign grabs the shoppers' eye.

a cardboard train with train car display bins of inshell peanuts is a fun way to connect several display bins; as the peanuts sell out, the train gets shorter.

create impact and command customer attention with a nut shack or hut, built of peanut packages.

cartoon and television characters added to displays are an effective way to present your sales message and a reminder to buy inshell peanuts; signage can reflect the personality of the character.

a circus themed inshell peanut display with animals including elephants and monkeys or a "carrousel" island display have shopper appeal.

a simple to make All American themed display can make use of a red, white and blue color scheme with striped bunting and flags to convey inshell peanuts as the All American snack.

easily seen by shoppers from all across the store, a giant brown paper bag (to the ceiling) with paper cut outs of inshell peanuts spilling out the top is a unique way to convey your message.


To see photos of displays Click Here .


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