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Points to Check for Successful Peanut Displays

Stiff visual competition dictates that a display must have "something extra" to catch viewer's eyes. You must first get attention in order to make the sale.

Visuals and graphics should be large. Copy size and style should be easy to read at a distance. Know size of space available to plan for most appealing use.

Contrasting shape within a display adds interest. If the basic shape is rectangular, a round or unusual shape can break the monotony.

Keep color scheme simple. Use brighter or contrasting colors in a specific area to draw attention. Avoid too many colors and too much bright color.

A combination of smooth and rough surfaces adds interest.

Movement attracts attention. Talent available to keep it operating should be considered. Better not plan on a moving exhibit part if it isn't to be kept moving.

Keep It Simple
Convey only one major thought or idea about peanuts. Make copy brief. Over-worded exhibits require too much reading time. Ten seconds of reading is plenty.

Ease of Approach
Make it easy for the hurried customer to "grab and go".

Avoid the Appearance of Perfection
Make sure some spaces show where bags or packages have been removed; a customer shouldn't have to worry that taking the peanuts will spoil the display.


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