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Rates of obesity and diabetes are rising rapidly in the U.S.  Diabesity is type 2 diabetes and obesity are closely linked, and many researchers have claimed the term "diabesity" to describe their co-occurance.  

In people with diabetes, a hormone called insulin becomes unable to perform its normal function of prompting cells to take in sugar or glucose, from the blood.  These cells are said to become insulin resistant.  As a result, sugar from food builds up to unhealthy levels in the blood, and the cells do not get he energy they need from glucose.  The more fatty tissue a person has, the more resistant their cells become to insulin.

So what's the good news? Diabetes and pre diabetes can be controlled by medication, healthy eating, and physical activity.  Losing weight can also help. Lifestyle factors like these can also help prevent Type 2 diabetes from developing in people who are at risk because they are overweight and/or have pre diabetes.

Even better news? If you have diabetes or are at increased risk for diabetes, you don't have to cut peanuts from your diet. In fact, scientists are discovering that eating a daily serving of peanuts can actually counteract diabetes risk factors and aid in weight loss! 

Last Updated ( Dec 19, 2012 at 11:34 AM )