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Peanuts, Good For People With Diabetes

Peanuts have a low Glycemic Index, which makes them an appropriate food for diabetic diets. 

The Glycemic Index measures a food’s potential for raising or lowering blood sugar levels. White bread is used as the reference with an index of 100. To compare, peanuts have a desirable low response level of 13. The lower the level, the better. 

Blood sugar levels can regulate appetites, energy, moods and control the way food is turned into fat or fuel. Low response foods such as peanuts boost energy levels, burn off calories and build muscle. 

In addition to being a low response food, peanuts’ good taste and portability make them a favorite snack of diabetic (and non-diabetic) recreational athletes for maintaining their energy levels.

Last Updated ( Mar 08, 2011 at 12:29 PM )