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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it okay to eat peanuts shell and all?

Yes, peanut shells may be eaten. In fact, many people report that they enjoy peanuts including the shell and food scientist indicate that its okay. The chemical composition of peanuts shells varies with the peanut variety and shelling conditions but here is their approximate composition: Crude Fiber 60%; Cellulose 25%; Water 8%; Crude Protein 6%; Ash 2%; Fat 1%

To what plant family do peanuts belong?

Peanuts are a legume (a member of the pea and bean family) Scientific name: Arachis hypogaea

How are peanuts seasoned inside the shell? Can I do this in my home kitchen?

Peanuts are washed, placed in a vacuum kettle with a brine solution, (or spice solution such as cajun). They are held under vacuum for a few seconds and then the vacuum is released, the peanuts are stirred and the process repeated once or twice until the desired seasoning level is reached. The peanuts are then centrifuged and rapidly roasted by forced hot air. This leaves a residue of seasoning inside the shell. Perhaps at home you could do the first part in a pressure cooker, but drying them out in the home oven is not so successful. It is difficult to dry them to the appropriate 7% moisture level without overcooking.
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