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Peanuts are a diabetes friendly food

Snacking on peanuts instead of carbohydrates improves blood sugar control in Type 2 diabetics.  A recent study as shown a split between 117 men and women with Type 2 diabetes into 3 treatment groups says: 1 group received 475 calories of mixed nuts including peanuts, another group received 475 calories of healthy, whole wheat muffins and the third group received half portions of nuts and muffins.  For 3 months all three groups were told to eat healthy diets and to eat their daily assigned nuts or muffins instead of carbohydrate snacks.  The participates continued their diabetes medications during the 3 month period.  After the 3 months, the researches measured the participants' blood levels of protein called HbA1c, which indicated good blood glucose control. Soon after the HbA1c declined in the nut level as well as their cholesterol levels.  This proves that nuts and peanuts lowered them to even healthier levels.


Peanuts keep blood sugar stable even in healthy people:

A recent study shows at how the peanuts and nuts had such a positive effect on diabetics.  In a study, healthy participants were given a vinegar drink, peanuts/peanut butter, or a control drink along with a high-carbohydrate meal consisting of a bagel and juice. After the meal, blood glucose levels were measured, and both the vinegar and peanuts/peanut butter reduced the post-meal spike in glucose.  High levels of post-meal glucose are associated with increase risk for diabetes.  The study shows that peanuts help control glucose levels after eating a high carbohydrate meal.  Pairing peanuts with high carbohydrate meals could lead to long-term improvements in glucose control and cholesterol levels.