Peanut Industry Organizations

American Peanut CouncilAmerican Peanut Council

1500 King Street, Suite 301
Alexandria, VA 22314-2737

Telephone: (703) 838-9500
Web site:

Richard Owens, President & CEO
Stephanie Grunenfelder, Senior Vice-President
Christina Taylor, Director of Communications
Renee Rye, Director, Administration and Finance
Peggy Disney, Membership and Marketing Manager
Peter Vlazakis, International Programs and Technical Manager
Gene Crawford, Web Manager

The AMERICAN PEANUT COUNCIL is the umbrella organization of the peanut industry, representing growers, shellers, processors, brokers and other industry interests.

National Peanut BoardNational Peanut Board

3350 Riverwood Pkwy, Suite 1150
Atlanta, GA 30339 USA

Phone: (678) 424-5750

Robert Parker, President and CEO
Ryan Lepicier, SVP Marketing and Communications
Andy Bell, Chairman
Les Crall, Vice Chairman

The National Peanut Board strives to help America’s 7,000 peanut-farming families improve their production practices and continue to put the world’s highest-quality peanut product in the hands of people around the globe. They do this so peanut growers can continue to farm the land that, for many, has been in their family for generations. And through research, marketing and promotion efforts, they are committed to strengthening people's love of America’s favorite nut, too.

North Carolina Peanut Growers Association, Inc.

Ashley W. Collins, CEO
PO Box 8
Nashville, NC 27856-0008
phone: (252) 459-5060

Mike Belch, President
Clayton Cowin, Vice President
Lynn Hobbs, Secretary
Brad West, Treasurer


Matt Arvis
Joey Baker

Wade Byrd

Johnny Layton

Wade Stanaland

David Chestnut

Cutchin Anderson, Jr.

Lynn Hobbs

Andy Adkins

Austin Brinkley

Bob Lee Perry
Clayton Cowin

Brent Leggett

Mike Belch

Edward Winslow

David Davenport

Joe Hayes

Ryan Askew

Andy Balance

Michael Boyette

Peanut Growers Cooperative Marketing Association

Thomas R. “Dell” Cotton, Jr., Manager
P.O. Box 59
1001 Campbell Avenue
Franklin, VA 23851 USA
Telephone: (757) 562-4103

Board of Directors
President: Clay Lowe
Vice-President: Jeff Smith
M.L. Everett, Jr
George McGee
James "Jimmy" Mason

South Carolina Peanut BoardSouth Carolina Peanut Board

Marianne Catalano, Marketing Specialist
1200 Senate Street
Wade Hampton Building, 5th floor
Columbia, SC 29201

Chairman: Richard Howard Rentz, Jr.
Advisor: Dr. Dan Anco, Edisto REC


Dupree Atkinson
Neal Baxley
Harry Wimberly
Charles Rogers
Brent Crapse
Jimmy Mole

The South Carolina Peanut Board is a farmer organization whose mission is to increase consumer awareness and consumption of peanuts while creating a positive economic impact for producers.

The Board is funded by peanut farmers across the state created by the state check-off program. The South Carolina Peanut Board is made up of eight board members and staff who work to support and grow the peanut industry in South Carolina.

The South Carolina Peanut Board targets promotions throughout the state and national levels for the enhancement and unity of the entire peanut industry. The board helps fund peanut research on a yearly basis through universities within the state. To learn more about the South Carolina peanut industry visit our website.

The Peanut InstituteThe Peanut Institute

P.O. Box 70157
2336 Lake Park Drive
Albany, GA 31708-0157 USA

Phone: (888) 873-2688
Web site:

Dr. Samara Sterling, Research Director
Miriam Crosby, Marketing & Communications Director

The Peanut Institute is a non-profit organization supporting nutrition research and developing educational programs to encourage healthful lifestyles that include peanuts and peanut products.

The Peanut Institute pursues its mission through research programs, educational initiatives, and the promotion of healthful lifestyles to consumers of all ages. As an independent forum, The Peanut Institute is uniquely positioned to work with all segments of the food industry, the research community, academia, consumer organizations, and governmental institutions.

Virginia Peanut Growers AssociationVirginia Peanut Growers Association

Thomas R. “Dell” Cotton, Jr. Executive Secretary
P.O. Box 59
1001 Campbell Avenue
Franklin, VA 23851 USA
Telephone: (757) 562-4103

Randy Everett
Austin Hale

Randy Robinson
Jeff Roach
Brandon Clements

Isle of Wight
Taylor Outland
Kirk Jones
Greg Butler
Jeff Byrum


City of Suffolk
Jason Holland
Travis Bailey
Richard Williams, President
Charles Archer
Michael Ellis

Prince George
Calvin Clements

Jeffrey Pope
Westley Drake
Matthew Drake
Ryan Pittman
Jason Hodges

Southampton (cont’d.)
Wesley Barnes, Vice President

Henry Goodrich
Glen Pierce
Steve Berryman

J Wyatt Cox
Eric Bailey
Richard Johnson



Virginia Peanut Board

Wayne Barnes, Chairman
Thomas R. “Dell” Cotton, Jr. Program Director

P.O. Box 59
1001 Campbell Avenue
Franklin, VA 23851 USA
Telephone: (757) 562-4103

Joey Doyle
Isle of Wight
Andrew Darden
John Crumpler
Michael Marks
Wayne Barnes
Isle of Wight
Donna Jones
Ernest Blount
Robert Rogers